The Annual Training Plan

Elite athletes usually have a well developed annual training plan. The annual plan for my shooting year defined the competition periods, peak training periods, rest periods, fitness training periods, experimenting periods and other key events during the year. It also included annual goals, and goals specifically for individual competitions and training. Goals should be both […]

Performance Evaluation

In a previous article on Goal Setting, I covered the basic fundamentals of goal setting and performance evaluation for competitors. Achieving improvement in the early stages of your bridge career, as in all competition for most competitors, is relatively straightforward. It is easy to make progress when there are a lot of areas that need […]

Getting Started with Goal Setting & Performance Evaluation

Whether one competes for fun, social or competitive reasons, most of us like to do well at our game. Having goals is an important part of managing your mental approach to the game as it helps you manage yourexpectations. Knowing that your plan is working, that you are on track against your goals and measuring […]

Comfort Zones

In sport we hear people talk about “comfort zones”. Everyone has one for pretty much everything they do. It is part of your self-image. In sporting terms, a comfort zone is created from one’s experiences, skill level and prior performances. If we consider a golfer who always scores between 70 – 75 for a round […]