The Shooting Diary

One of my coaches gave me this article along with a number of others. Unfortunately I don’t know where it was originally published, but I would guess either the American Rifleman journal in the 1960’s or perhaps in one of the US Army Marksmanship Unit’s guides.  I hope they won’t mind my reproducing it for […]

Quality training

We have all experienced a drop in our scores in competition, when compared to what we shoot in practice. I have a theory that a major contributing factor to this is that our tens in training are just not good enough. All those 10.0’s and 10.1’s we shoot in a training match become the 9.9’s […]

Training with purpose

Over the years I have heard many shooters lament over their lack of improvement. The years go by and they always seem to perform at about the same level – the occasional high spot or good performance counterbalanced by a lower than average result, often in the next competition, with most results falling in the […]

What was the difference

by Tibor Gonczol, Pistol Shooting Coach. After spending some frustrating years trying to come to terms with the fact that OUR shooters – in general – are not producing the performances and scores necessary to be competitive in the international arena, I tried to dispel the various myths and discredit the excuses offered for this. […]