Maintaining Focus Part 2

In an earlier article on maintaining focus, I discussed some tactics that could be undertaken to cope with distractions that occur during bridge events. These distractions could be external such as noisy players, director calls, noisy room, etc; or internal to you such as when you have made an error and your mind cannot let […]

Mental Rehearsal (Visualisation)

Athletes, business people, fighter pilots, doctors and people in all types of professions use mental rehearsal and visualisation to help them with their performances in a variety of ways. For example a professional basketball player may mentally picture themselves shooting the ball through the basket from the free throw line before making the throw in […]


Many players have told me that they have trouble sleeping after playing bridge, particularly when they play at night, because their mind keeps re-playing the hands, a bid they made or didn’t make, or a signal from partner they missed. This concern is not uncommon to athletes who may struggle to sleep properly on the […]