Getting in the Zone

We often hear sports commentators talking about players being ‘in the zone’. This phrase is commonly used when a player is performing well and operating within what is known as their comfort zone. The player in the zone is focussed and their mind is on their performance. Their shots and plays are coming naturally to […]

Dealing with Opening Round Nerves

Bridge is a game with many facets. To be successful, a player needs to achieve a high degree of skill in each of these facets which include: technical ability; partnership understanding or agreements; concentration logic and clear thinking; match fitness and stamina in a long tournament, and all the other factors which go into being […]

Comfort Zones

In sport we hear people talk about “comfort zones”. Everyone has one for pretty much everything they do. It is part of your self-image. In sporting terms, a comfort zone is created from one’s experiences, skill level and prior performances. If we consider a golfer who always scores between 70 – 75 for a round […]